The Preacher's Delight Conference

October 26 - 29, 2020
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Join us for the 2020 Preacher’s Delight Conference in Jacksonville, FL!


Past Conference Messages

Find an archive of past Preacher’s Delight Conference messages that challenged, encouraged, and helped those who attended.

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Don’t miss the 3rd Annual Preacher’s Delight Conference.  This will be a week you won’t want to miss!

Past Conference Highlights

The spirit and encouraging fellowship of the past conferences has been evident in the friendships that were forged and the decisions that were made.

What Is The Preacher’s Delight Conference?

The preacher’s delight conference has a rich history of great Bible preaching and warm fellowship.


The conference began in the early 80s and ran into the 90s.

The meetings were marked by some of the choice servants of that generation including, Jack Hyles, Lee Roberson, Curtis Hutson, Tom Malone, Jim Vineyard, Clyde Box, Harold Clayton, Ray Hart and Howard Jewell.

During this time it became a week of refreshment for hundreds of preachers from across the country. Curtis Hutson once remarked about this meeting, “The only place I preach to more preachers is at the National Sword Conference and at Pastor’s School.”

As we are further removed from that generation it is important for the next generation to carry the torch and lift up the same Saviour and preach the same Book. The Preacher’s Delight Conference is still centered around preaching and fellowship and the speakers provide a balance of seasoned men of God and a new generation of old-time preachers.

Don’t Miss THis Exciting Time

Hotel accomodations provided!

Be one of the first 100 preachers to register and we’ll take care of your room for the time you’re here at the conference!

Powerful Preaching

Spirit-filled messages

There is something special about a group of preachers shouting “Amen” with tears streaming down their cheeks as the man of God preaches about the goodness of God and the saving grace of Jesus!


Encouraging Fellowship

a Great Time of encouragement

The fellowship of the Preacher’s Delight Conference can only be described as sweet and encouraging.  The time spent with like-minded Pastors and laymen will be refreshing and recharging for your spirit!


Uplifting Music

Singing to lift your spirit

Preachers and families from all ages gather together to lift HIGH the name of Jesus through preaching and singing. The Spirit is moving freely and you can feel His presence each service.


Ministry Tables

present your ministry

Ministry tables are available for anyone looking to showcase their ministry, college, conference, or missionaries on the field.  Each table is $50 and can be reserved in advance! 


Join Us Next Fall For The 2020 Conference!


There is no other conference like the Preacher’s Delight. This conference is one week filled with singing, fellowship and preaching from many different preachers. We invite you to join us for this special week.

A FREE hotel room will be provided for the first 100 preachers to register for the conference. Following each evening service, Monday through Thursday, there is a first-class meal provided for all delegates who have registered. This great time of fellowship and encouragement will be 

Register now, and experience the Preacher’s Delight for yourself!